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The basic “functional” cleaning service includes:

  • Functional cleaning and evaluation (Complete testing – tank, hose, regulator, valves and ignition system)cleaning “fire box” and exterior.
  • Upon evaluation if Grillmaster determines that you grill is in need of new parts we will inform you right away. We are dealing with gas grills, Grillmaster’s #1 priority keeping our customers safe and letting them fully enjoy cooking on their gas grills. If we make a suggestion on a part replacement then chances are you had an idea that it may have been the problem. We are more then capable of advising you in purchasing the new parts using our experience and industry knowledge to get you the best deals around


Pricing High End Grills

Pricing of grill repair depends on many factors. The make, model, age, usage and basic problem desciption are very important in estimating the job, as with most products the more expensive the grill the more expensive the parts- as dictated by the manufacturer(Viking,Dcs,ect).