Company Background

Grillmaster was started about 20 years ago as a student project in an entrepreneurial class at Suffolk University.  Faced with the task of starting a business from scratch, founder James Carew researched the possibility of the mobile gas grill refurbishing service.  After receiving an “A” on the project, several years passed before the project became a reality.  Starting by repairing the grills of neighbors and friends, the business soon turned into a viable entity.

Partnering up with an old friend and business associate – Wes Schifone was brought on board to handle additional service coverage as well as technical and logistical expertise.

grill repairThe concept of grillmaster is simple. Give the customer a safe and well maintained grilling alternative and provide the service and parts to help them achieve this goal.  Grilling is one of Americas favorite past times. Let Grillmaster clean and maintain your grill, assuring you a safe and quality grilling experience.


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