Regulator Malfunction


1. Low flame, low temperature, yellow flame: This has become the biggest problem with many grills recently and is almost always because of the regulator (the funny UFO shaped thing on the gas hose). Regulators seem to be stickier these days and when they stick you won’t get enough gas to generate a good grilling temperature. To reverse this, you need to release the pressure on the regulator. Follow these steps exactly:

  1. Turn off the gas at the propane tank
  2. Disconnect the gas line from the tank
  3. Open the grill lid
  4. Turn all control valves to high
  5. Wait for about a minute
  6. Turn all control valves to off
  7. Reconnect the gas line to the tank
  8. SLOWLYturn on the gas at the tank
  9. Light the grill normally

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