No heat-Low heat gas grill.

protective collar

A common problem with newer grills(less than 15 years old) is the tank- not the grill.The newer tanks are outfitted with an OPD (Overfill Protection Device) that shuts the tank off-or at least slows it down during normal use. The device is made to shut off the grill if there is a major leak in the hose or grill manifold itself. Unfortunately, sometimes this OPD device activates when it is not supposed to and for various reasons. (1) If the tank is overfilled by the propane tech at the filling station. (2) If the tank has gotten heated from sitting in a shed or trunk of a car. (3) It can also be activated from the liquid propane touching the upper gas tank – which is supposed to be “gas only” part of the tank (this can happen if the tank has been bounced around or tipped over). When this happens the gas grill temparature can be limited to 200-300 degrees instead of 600 degrees. The only way to correct this problem is to shut “off” all the gas valves on the grill and the tank itself. With all valves off (including the tank) tap on the on/off valve (on the top of the tank) with the plastic end of a regular screwdriver and the OPD (Overfill Protection Device) will drop down and unactivate-giving the owner full gas and temperature. If you are getting low heat this is most likely your problem. Good luck and good grilling. James Carew. Owner-grillmaster.

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